Viviana Chamorro Urbieta
With a background in advertising and a freshly acquired BA in Photography from the University of Surrey, I am the individual you can rely on for your business's photographic needs as well as personal portraits. My expertise extends to both studio environments and natural light settings. Prior to reaching a decision, we can engage in a comprehensive dialogue about your preferences and the specific scope of your project.
I possess the ability to craft content tailored for your website, offer advice on effectively harnessing social media to promote your business or services, conceptualize campaigns using both still and moving images, and serve as your commercial or personal photographer.
I have cultivated a personal passion for global politics and have recently (in 2023) completed my Masters in Art and Politics at Goldsmiths, University of London. During my leisure time, I dedicate myself to volunteering, providing assistance to refugees through the utilization of my language skills or any other feasible means. For me, beauty and social justice are inseparable, and this belief has greatly influenced my body of work.
Contained within these pages are samples showcasing my creative output. I am enthusiastic about engaging in more in-depth conversations about any projects you might have or addressing any inquiries related to photography or videography. Feel free to connect with me for further exploration and discussion.